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Happy Kick Off overkill

I too own some magazines which have reviews and articles about Kick Off and its successors. Here they come… *sigh*:

* Kick Off 1 review in Zzap, 1989: A couple of months ago I downloaded some scanned reviews from Defguide To Zzap 64 including this one. Although the review isn’t in-depth Zzap certainly knew how to hype up a game;
* Kick Off 1 advert in Zzap, July 1989: Typical advert by Anco with lots of superlative quotes from magazines;
* Kick Off 2 review in Zzap, 1990: A two-page scanned review;
* Zzap! Kick Off competition in Zzap, March 1990: Once a reviewer of Zzap!, Phil King, called himself King of Kickoff and played a game of Kick Off with an other fan. The whole match is described in a three-page article. -Very funny to read.
* Kick Off 2 advert in Zzap, March(?) 1990: A two-page advert for Kick Off 2 and a data-disc (Called ‘Extra Time’ I think);
* Goal! preview in CU Amiga, September 1992: Four-page preview/ interview with Dino Dini and Goal in this British magazine;
* Goal advert in several magazines: One page advert about Virgin’s Goal!
* Goal! review in Amiga Joker, May(?) 1993: Two-page review in this German magazine;
* Goal! review in Amiga Magazine, April 1994: Two-page review in this Dutch magazine;
* Goal! review in CU Amiga, April(?) 1993: Four-page review of Dino Dini’s Goal! in this British magazine.
* Kick Off 3 AGA advert in CU Amiga, July(?) 1994: One page advert in CU Amiga;
* Kick Off 3 AGA competition in CU Amiga, July(?) 1994: Two page competition to win Kick Off games. Organised by CU Amiga and Anco;
* Kick Off 3 AGA in CU Amiga, August(?) 1994: One page review in CU Amiga;

I cannot promise to scan them all in on the short term, but I’ll upload the Zzap! Kick Off 1 & 2 reviews next Monday.
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