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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
You have no flatrate over there?
They describe it as flat rate with a cap which is marketing nonsense. What they're really selling is 500Kbps/2GB limit for $25 per month, 1Mbps/25GB limit for $35 per month, 7Mbps/60GB limit for $45 per month, 10Mbps/95GB limit for $55 per month or 18Mbps/95GB limit for $100 per month (all prices in Canadian dollars).

Isn't it available or too expensive?
True flat rate isn't available because my provider has a monopoly. I have their 7Mbps/60GB package and looking at my statistics I see that I usually use about 10-15GB of data per month so I could get away with a cheaper service but I don't want to give up the speed. Even though I pay for 7Mbps I routinely see speeds in the 11-12Mbps range.
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