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Originally Posted by Fingerlickin_B View Post
Ok, so just to clarify...if I install version 4 in WinUAE then put everything onto a real Amiga HDD it will run on my 1200?

I'm confused as only version 3 seems to work on real Amigas (from what you & the website say)

Time to download the latest WinUAE if that will work!

I do not understand this now. WinUAE version you install it Amiga 1200 AGA onto a machine? There are a lot some other way on all of them there. AmigaSYS AGA is because of this version, it truth 1200/4000 onto machines. I understood in this manner what you said.

Originally Posted by tonyyeb View Post
Sorry it was a typo - I meant where is the non-AGA version?
I understand you. You are not WinUAE or EUAE you think of a version.
But ECS. AmigaSYS AGA for real Amiga machines exists in a version only (1200/4000) AGA.
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