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1) Which winuae emulator release will work best on my computer?
-I tend to use WinUAE 08.08.R8/R9, i've found no slow down on similar specs to yours.

2) Is there a way to save a state of a game? I don't know how to save the game "the secret of monkey island 2". I think I saw an option like that on the latest release but it didnt work very well on my computer.
-the 08.21.Rx are the first to support "Save-State"

3) Which operating system is the best for Winuae? I have windows 98 SE. any good? Also, winuae didnt find my controllers in windows 2000 professional, why?
-Win 9x, ME and XP are ok

4) Whats the deal with these configuration files when starting winuae? they don't seem to make much of a difference!
-as you probably know, when Commodore brought AGA chip-set alot of A500 games/software didn't work, you can choose which Amiga chip-set you want to use, you may also wanna have a separate Hard-drive as well.

5) What is aiab? how do I set it up? where can i find HD filed games that I can use??
-Amiga-In-A-Box or AIAB in a complete "modern" Amiga set-up, see my site [FEATURES] for a review...
-HD Games can be found at and a few sites at , don't forget to vote for EAB

Welcome to EAB, btw
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