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Floppy disk New to emulation, need some help

I have a pc consisting of

amd k62 450 mhz cpu
128 mb of ram
128 pci sound blaster
s3i verge pci "screen card"??

Anyways I'm new to emulation My questions are as following

1) Which winuae emulator release will work best on my computer?

2) Is there a way to save a state of a game? I don't know how to save the game "the secret of monkey island 2". I think I saw an option like that on the latest release but it didnt work very well on my computer.

3) Which operating system is the best for Winuae? I have windows 98 SE. any good? Also, winuae didnt find my controllers in windows 2000 professional, why?

4) Whats the deal with these configuration files when starting winuae? they don't seem to make much of a difference!

5) What is aiab? how do I set it up? where can i find HD filed games that I can use??

thats it for now then
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