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the font issue is not tied to OS3.9: i don't know why, but as i recall, in every version of Workbench, only some of the fonts in the fonts directory, albeit in the same format as the other do show up for use in the font panel of Prefs.

i asume that for some, like system text, some attribute of the typeface, like size, should be considered, but for the icons in .backdrop that's strange. i don't know if there's some setting to be touched.

in DirOpus, the previous versions of ClassicWB DO show the typefaces. but it's not a problem that, i will just have to check if i've broken something in the current one, which i probably did

about the ram issue: does it makes a difference about fast ram and z3 fast ram?

[edit] @ Global Mod please do remove the last posts to a thread of their own, if you like, i posted it here and only after typed it all, i've doubted it was pertinent... thank you!
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