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Hi Marco, I'll try and answer but some require more research and are probably better off in their own thread.
  1. Iím not sure what you mean by this.
  2. In the normal ClassicWB packs, Scalos seems more efficient at window list/text formats using fastram, and FBlit is there for NewIcons/graphics to fastram. OS39 obviously has Scalos removed and Iíve tried my best to replace the missing features but it does seem to have some memory quirks and is less efficient in some areas. I need to consult with OS39 experts and see if I'm missing any patches/tools. It is also using FBlit (and FText) and is set up to shift icons/graphics to fastram (which works fine), but as you say switching to the list/text view seems to eat up chipram. Not sure why?
  3. You could just select the program icon, right click and select ďicons->copyĒ. This will create a ďcopy_of_Ē the program and icon. Then leave it out. You canít name it the same as the original however, as it remains physically in the same drawer even if itís left out. Not ideal, I know, and it might create problems. All "leave out" does is create an entry in the .backdrop file so Workbench knows to show it on the desktop and hide it in the programís directory.
  4. Iíve never changed most the default Dopus buttons and Show is one of those default built in commands. I mainly only added new buttons and features. I never really use it, and not aware that it ever did work with fonts.
  5. Again this is going back to me trying to find replacements for Scalos features. Iím sure there is a utility that does this, but canít remember off hand. As for the time, there is a nice calendar/clock utility thatís used in AmiKit and AmigaSYS but I donít know what itís called. I'm not sure if one exists that adds time to the actual bar like Scalos.
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