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General OS3.9 Questions

i have some questions, not completely ClassicWB related only, but to Workbech at large.
i have tested the last beta and it seems to work very fine for the rest.

1) why only a bunch of fonts among the many more bitmaps in the font directory are available to set in the preferences?

2) how do you force the workbench' window listing to use Z3 or Fast Mem instead of chip one? (useful for large directories)

3) is there a way in OS3.9 to create a link or clone of a program icon in the workbench window without to use "leave out"/"put away" so to keep one in the program directory?

4) some action in DirOpus, namely, SHOW, seems to work no more with fonts, (if i have not made some mess myself with the configuration files) is that correct?

5) on OS3.9 is there a way to display a clock in the workbench bar and maybe a custom text, like in Scalos?

thank you for the cool work Bloodwych!
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