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Riempie - I've uploaded some scans of Kick Off related Amiga Power reviews to the Zone. - Kick Off 2 entry in first Top 100 (Number 7) - Kick Off 1 entry in second Top 100 (Number 43) - Kick Off 2 in Award Winners Compilation - Kick Off 2 in Soccer Stars Compilation - Kick Off 3 European Challenge AGA in Soccer Stars '96 Compilation - Kick Off 3 AGA review - Kick Off 3 European Challenge AGA review - Kick Off 3 '96 review - Kick Off 1 vs Gary Lineker's Hot Shot (sorry, I thought that this was Kick Off 2, but it's actually Kick Off 1)

As for Amiga Power reviews being rubbish, I'm the wrong person to ask, because I'm a big AP fan. However, I always found their reviews to be very accurate. The Kick Off '96 review of 1% seems excessive, but remember that it was a) the last issue and they were doing whatever they wanted and b) it was an example of a publisher trying to make a last buck off the dying Amiga by releasing a bugged and unfinished game.

As for the "//admin: please don't use direct signature in your post, configure your UserCP instead." in your original posting, I think you put a signature in your posting. Signatures make the threads really messy - some bulletin boards are made up of half real posts and half stupid poetry/quotes by posters, which makes it unreadable. So, the answer is to create your signature in the User Control Panel (UserCP) and then if people want to see it, they will turn the option to view it on. By default it's off.
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