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Who uses Amiga OS 4 here?

Hi all,

I currently have OS 3.9 and OS 4 installed on my A1200 PPC and from what I can see OS 4 is clearly faster and nicer. However, I am struggling to find any real good reasons to use it over OS 3.9, apart from it being PPC only - it seems that all the software I've downloaded from OS4Depot etc has been written to take advantage of the AmigaOne's clear performance advantage over the Classic Amiga, and seems to be quite slow etc.

At the moment, I am finding myself using OS 3.9 much more often for compatibility reasons and WHDLoad. I just find it easier overall i.e. web browsing might be faster in OS 4, but I'm finding myself rebooting a lot into OS 3.9 just to get something else to work properly.

I guess what I am trying to get at is, does anyone here use OS 4 on classic hardware, and what do you think of it? Are there any applications / games that work well on classic hardware ? And has anyone completely moved over to it?

Thanks guys
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