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i now have NZS for the DS.

its not quite as ugly as the screenshots made out. The levels are loosely based on the originals but are all a bit managled up.

gameplay is slower with fast bit like the arcade original, rather than consistantly faster like the amiga version.

Its fun, but it's not as good. there's a lot of silly gimmicks with the touchpad that seem a bit pointless though.... a tight-rope balancing bit for example, and some 'spot the difference' bits that throw you when you find them (the gameplay just continues on the other screen, which you've just spent the last few minute -not- looking at)

it's not as bad as the new versions of Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands, but in general i'll be sticking to the amiga version i think. i'd like to give the DS's 'vs' mode a go though
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