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HI, OK yea thanks for the offer on the catweasel.

But I think I'm going to hold out for a brand new'ie in September.

If you want PM me your price though just for the fun of it. If it's cheap enough you never know you might twist my arm.

Apparently the current stock they are selling are `safety' stock, which means they have been re-worked most likely by hand and some IC's changed.

So personally I'd like a nice new factory soldered one for cosmetic's.

Also the next batch can't be made into a `low profile card'. I'm not really sure what this means. Perhaps the extra smaller backplane bracket isn't included? Who knows. If so I'm sure this could be procured at a later date. But if the actual card it's self is higher / larger I might be re-thinking the whole thing myself again.

With PC's traditionally getting smaller and smaller this is most likely a bad choice if they have changed the actual card size.

But will wait and see, hopefully there will be pictures and a better explanation on what the new stock is.

As for your 5.25". For some strange reason many years ago when I was stripping down PC's I think I saved a few 5.25" drives. I will have to go down to the shed and see what condition they are in. And in future I will be sure to keep any more I come across. They were sealed in a cupboard so should be ok, assuming they worked in the first place.

One thing I did do which I still have nightmares over is that I trashed a pair of perfectly preserved 8" drives some years ago when I was forced to down size. I still have the parts sitting in a bucket but can't find the alloy frames. I have since found it impossible to get 8" drives at a reasonable price. I so hate myself for this. But unfortunately I have run out of room and as time goes on I might find myself in the same situation again with other equipment as I don't own my own home.

I spent last night watching all the old Amiga promo tapes on YouTube. Them really were the days!. Brought a tear to my eye. Second they invent a time machine again I'm going back to work for Commodore. Who know's maybe I could change the future to one where IBM & Microsoft fold and CBM rule the computer world!.


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