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That may be, but you have to read the disclaimer:
These screenshots are very preliminary and must not - by any means - be considered as the definitive appearance of the AmigaOS 4.0 GUI. Work is still in progress, and a lot of improvements are being added, including the user's ability to configure almost everything.


What you see here are just a few elements which might, or might not, become part of the "default" AmigaOS look. More importantly, you can see some (admittedly small) examples of the kind of configurability which is being introduced at all levels of Intuition.

In the coming weeks more screenshots will be made available, which will show further enhancements to the default appearance, as well as some more advanced configuration features.

In the end, it is you that will decide what your AmigaOS 4.0 looks like...
I like what I see in that the possibilities are surfacing - the ability to customize it all to your own liking.
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