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Floppy disk Mani Pulite sprite problems (A500 mode)


there is a game just recently put in the zone as DMS files (thanks s2325) which does not work at all in A500 mode and appears to need some more in-depth investigation.

When you are at the main screen, you can select your Amiga version with the 'A' key, 'P' will start the game.

Three things I found:

- When WinUAE is set up to an A500 configuration, the main sprite and all moving sprites (e. g. platforms) are not correctly blitted, regardless of which Amiga mode you select.
(Yes, you can also select in-game A1200 mode and you can get into the game, which is a bit confusing too)

- When WinUAE is set up to an A1200 configuration, graphics work fine with BOTH modes. Something that should be tested on real thing is a bit fishy too: after you selected (in-game) "A1200" as Amiga version, played a game, and the game is over, it will switch back to "A500" again!!
Is this really normal behavior that you have to change back to "A1200" everytime you start a new game when running on an A1200?!

- In A1200 mode (both WinUAE + game), there is absolutely no sign of the game using the AGA chipset.
I assume that the chipset detection routine the game uses is not understood by WinUAE...(or why would there be two modes at all?)

Using latest public version (1.5.1).

After having WinUAE minimized now for quite awhile, I got a messagebox with "fetch corrupted" on restoring the main window.

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