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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
Hmm... good idea with the info file. I have indeed set the tooltypes to load the games correctly, although again 99.9% are simply slave & preload. I did have a look at wbstartup, it needs a couple of extra libs which I don't have in my whdload.hdf but they shouldn't be too hard to add.
I found that WBStart.lha works better than wbstartup. And it's just one lib and the command as I remember.
wbstartup doesn't seem to handle quitting the app properly.

My startup-sequence will need a bit of tweaking though as I'll need to leave the slave name as it is, and rename the info file... there are normally at least 2 .info files in the main dir (game and readme, sometimes more)...
Yes that is a problem, if you're doing the conversion process on the amiga side you can search for #?.info in the extracted zip and then I was using tttool to query the default tool of each icon, if the deftool=whdload then that's your icon. (it didn't go unnoticed that you set the deftool the same in all the packs )
Hmm. Whether I can bothered or not....
If you reckon 99% of the tooltypes are the same anyway it makes me wonder if it's worth bothering with myself...
I definitely think the 2 hdfs and 1 blank adf is the way to go, even if it's a bit of a hassle setting that up for every game
You may be right there...hmm still in two minds about this.
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