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Well guys the best years of my life were spent working for a Commodore outlet. Some ten years all up. I left just 1 year before Commodore folded. So I wasn't there for the A600, 1200, 4000 unfortunately.

But here's my history of Commodore ownership. And yes I still have all my machines to this very day.

Vic-20 (Won in a contest at the age of about 16).

C64 (Can't quiet remember how I got this one, I think I had to save for it).
Ended up running my first BBS on it using an IEEE-488 interface and a really cool set of 8250LP Dual Drives (designed by Commodore, sculptured by Porche).

A1000 My very first Amiga. Got this when our training room upgraded and they sold off the original batch of Pal Amiga's in Australia cheap.
Added a Home brew ST506 controller and a 8MB external expander. 30MB RLL MiniScribe HD. And this too was used to run my BBS,

A3000HD - Saved some big $$'s to buy this little beauty. I remember spending almost 10 Grand all up on it. Added a A2232 mutli serial card and a few other goodies like a 250MB Quantum drive. This to ran my BBS for many years and was the last machine I used with the BBS when the internet came around and I finally pulled the plug.

The BBS was `The Transcendental Connection' FIDO 3:640/281 BTW.

Soon after I left CBM, I bought up some cheap A500's from Target. And a friend in more recent times gave me a couple of A600HD's.

So my collection is currently lacking an A4000 and an A1200HD. (I would really like an A1200HD).

My interest currently is to get storage and network options into my A1000, A3000, and C64 at the bare minimum.

I really wish they still manufactured the AdIDE2 interfaces. I am so kicking myself for not getting some in the early days. They used to cost us about 20 bucks a pop back then.

Also once the next batch of new CatWeasel MK4's come out in September I plan to buy one so I can archive all my disks.

Hope you have enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.
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