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Baring in mind I've only read a few of the above posts, yeah I'm lazy like that, here are a few suggestions.

IF you are mounting PC0: in your startup-sequence on your Workbench FLOPPY DISKs then you can often have a problem, as I remember it the PC0: device is on the STORAGE disk and when you type:


In an AmigaShell window it asks for the storage disk (if not already inserted) and loads the PC0: file, it will then most likely ask for Workbench again.

If you have something like this:


in your startup-sequence then there is a chance that Workbench will try to mount the device behind everything else and if it fails before you reach:


it will simply terminate and PC0: will not be mounted. As suggested already if you are using 1.44MB disks on your Amiga then you'll need to shove some tape over the second hole and format to 720KBs on your PC before trying to read it on your Amiga.

The best way to mount PC0: in a startup-sequence is probably in a hardfile or on a hard drive with all of the disks installed correctly, Workbench shouldn't ask to swap the disks again and everything should mount perfectly. If you simply must use floppy disks then I suggest not mounting at startup but instead doing it the more frustrating way by opening an AmigaShell window:


And then:


Swap disks to Storage > Mounts Device > Swap disk to Workbench > Device Ready > Insert your formatted 720KB disk into DF0: (internal drive) > Enjoy.

btw: It's been a while since I played with my Amiga so forgive me if any of the above is inaccurate.
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