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Ah i see so multiple slaves in the zip isn't really an issue, cool.

Nice tips about zipping the HDF's, i'll give that a miss then.
Also didn't know about the NoWriteCache option. In theory that means you can both savestate and have the slave save scores (as long as you remember to savestate before you quit).

Regarding the tooltypes, am I correct in saying that you've already set the tooltypes in each icon for each slave correctly?
If that's the case, instead of starting launching whdload through it's dos command, I was going to use wbstart.lha off aminet which is a cli tool you can stick in the startup-sequence. It's a tiny program with a library that will easily fit on a floppy. You just give it the appropriate icon as an argument and it emulates double-clicking it in workbench e.g. "wbstart game:lotusturbo". (you have to leave off the .info) This means it uses the default tool and all tooltypes that you've set in the icon. I've tested wbstart and it works well.
It also means that if people want to change the tooltypes they can load up the HDF with a workbench boot disk, make the change in the icon and save it and job done.

Regarding the advantage of having a floppy present at all times, that's why I was going to make the master drive an adf rather than an hdf... stick the floppy speed to turbo and it solves two problems at once.
Problem there is how do you fit all the necessary kickstart files on the floppy master diskin devs/kickstarts? I was going to have two floppies one with kickstart 1.2 and 1.3 and a second with 3.1.
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