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@alexh, I bookmarked those web pages and downloaded some of packs. (not sure yet how to use them - I have some of nointro sets from the time GT (our friendly french site but whose name we can't mention here )had FTP access for their servers.

Last night finally I played a bit with Mame 128 Plus! First had some trouble to populate roms list and finally was able to play Pang! a bit. I could not figure out how to get menu and options back. (I tried all buttons) I guess I should read more about this emu.

Also I might look more after working set. (not even sure what happened with my Mame set. It was very outdated, but it shouldn't be that bad. Most of the games I'm interested are older 'golden' games.

@KG, how playable are your packs in xbox?? If they work, I would like first script so that I can check if I can edit it. It shouldn't be bad to have unofficial HD version of your packs.

Also some instructions as where to place my whdload key etc. would be nice. (xBox n00b here )
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