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Great stuff killergorilla as always,
By coincidence I'm also working on a script to do exactly the same thing, but doing the work on the amiga side.
To create the HDF's it works in a similar way to yours except using amiga tools to create a empty hardfile on the amiga filesystem (to the size of the extracted zip + a couple of bytes), then mount it as a virtual drive and do the copying etc.

There's a couple of issues I found that complicate the process -

Once you're in winuaex how do you start the game?
You cant write whdload, the key, and the config to each hdf because then you cant distribute them and it's a royal pain when a new version of whdload comes out or you need to change your config. I thought I'd create 1 floppy image with whdload on, the config, my key, and a startup-sequence that starts whatever slave is in DH0, then stick that floppy in the configuration for each hdf in winuaex. This allows you to have different emulator settings for each hdf.

This is a biggie: some game zips have multiple slaves, e.g. that dizzy compilation. This'll be a problem if you're renaming them all to game.slave.
It also makes the boot or master disk more complicated as you potentially have to find *.slave in DH0 on the fly, and if there's more than one let the user select which to start. I thought that during the conversion to HDF process I would generate a list in a txt file with is basically the paths to each slave in the zip, then the boot disk could look in that file and decide what to do.

I was going to make the HDF's read only in winuaex and just use savestates for the scores etc but I guess that's down to preference (i like to cheat, some of those old games are tough).

Also I found you can compress the the HDF's to zips and winuax will still read them (although read only), which is nice! (saves a few bytes of disk per hdf)

Fancy a bit of collaboration KG???
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