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It's a vbscript file, and a batch file.

It probably is easy enough for people to alter but I can't be arsed with the questions about it

It's very crude!

The batch file reads all zip files from a directory and creates a list, with every odd numbered line being the name of the zip file (from my whdload packs) and every even line being the list output from the program Unzip (so I can get the uncompressed size of the archive).

The vbscript file then moves through the list and stores every line in an array. It then copies the first zip file into a temp dir and renames the zip file Then it uses regular expressions to extract only the uncompressed size of the archive (from the list output of Unzip). It then checks to see if the uncompressed size of the archive is under 1MB, 2MB, 3MB.... (upto 10MB - with a little leeway for save files etc.) and whichever is the smallest size it satisfies it copies an already created/formatted hdf file (1MB.hdf, 2MB.hdf etc.) into a temp dir and then renames it temp.hdf.

With both and temp.hdf in a directory it launches WinUAE with a custom built startup sequence, and mounts and temp.hdf as HD1 and HD2, copies the contents of HD1/gamename/ to HD2, renames any slave file it finds to game.slave. It then kills winuae.

After it's done all of the copying it moves the newly created hdf to the Done folder and names it the same as the original zip file (with hdf on the end). Then it repeats all this for the new zip file in the list.

That's it! As you can see it relies quite a lot on knowing where winuae is, where the directory you are running it from is, the structure of the dirs (done/todo/hdfs/temp) the winuae config itself (and where it is stored), you'll also need the startup sequence I have setup in WinUAE and you'll need DlxRename and uae-configuration in your Amiga C folder.

It's hardly impossible to adapt, so if it's still wanted I can probably whack it somewhere, although you have been warned!

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