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Firstly, i'm no language expert, so as for it being czech is largely irrelevant.

And I did make the point of asking the question : "Have there been any good Polish games?", you could instead have said 'yes' or 'no' or given links to any good Polish/Czech games, but instead went onto the rather odd tangent of :"And why would I ever need to anwser that question when you've obviously taking the prejudgement approach..."

See what you did there? Didn't read the question thats what you didn't do.

As for the CGI/HD comments, that in itself is a stupid observation as your game here is most likely from the 1994 era when a lot of Czech/Polish stuff was released, and in comparison, quite a bit of the stuff still being released on Amiga in that era would most definately looked to be CGI/HD in comparison!

So, any decent Czech/Polish games then?
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