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I'm done with copying games to HD. Total of 34 games, and still have a room for a lot of other games. I finally was able to change size of some games after I changed default settings regarding deletion of unneeded files. (Not sure why is this by default set to No)

Also on the emus I have most of consoles already set. It was easy to set up rom location in ini files. Now I have to work on computer setups. (C64, ZX Spectrum, CPC 464 and Atari ST)

Music and pictures are already copied and some of videos that we watch frequently. (cartoons etc.)

I really like xbmc. Simple and a lot of options. '

As for games I have OutRun 2 and it's really nice, but I plaid more Project Gotham Racing games. Last night played some Unreal Tournament games. Nice shooter.
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