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Lightbulb An Idea

Hi guys,

I was sitting on this idea for a while not knowing if its any good, or if its been done before. I'm interested on what you guys think about it, any commnet in general would be kewl!

I was thinking... would it be possible to replace the amiga floppy disk drive with a solid state device ? The solid state device would have same dimensions 880k and pretty much behave like a floopy drive, to the amiga there would be no difference. Therefore if you dump an adf on it reboot the amiga, the amiga would boot of it no problem but at _much_ faster speed.

Now having such a device, would it replace the need for whdload and jst for 1.3/68000 amigas ? So I was thinking that for amigas that are base spec with just a big harddrive to store the adf's could use this piece of hardware to dump the image on this solid state floppy and then you would be able reset your machine and load the game at quick speeds with out the need for jst/whdload etc.... I dunno what do you guys think?

I wonder if such a device exists out there, even if its for PC ( just convert it to amiga ), that would be awsome!!
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