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With lower polygon models and lower resolution textures than OutRun 2.

Not sure why but I think OutRun 2 was an X-box only title whereas Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast was also ported to the PS2?? Perhaps they started with the PS2 model in mind?

Coast 2 Coast looks surprisingly good conisidering it is a victim of lowest common denominator development due to the fact its also on PS2. To the untrained eye the visual differences don't seem to be apparent ... but they are to me and i'll list what they are. The game is a little more jaggy, it's mostly noticable on the road side scenery like buildings etc ... its alot more jaggy in those areas compared to Outrun 2. 2ndly some of the trackside and road textures have been downgraded. This isn't really all that noticable until you take a closer look ... they do the job fine but they are a tad lower in quality this time around. Lastly and to me this was the most significant difference ... the lighting and pixel shader effects seem a little less spectacular this time around. This can be mostly noticed in the weather effects and the water ... the water looks beautiful in Coast 2 Coast but its a notch below the water in Outrun 2 and seems to be flatter (implying no bump mapping this time). Also the nice bloom lighting from Outrun 2 seems to be less dramatic this time around (it may not be there at all actually ... will need to play more to come to a final conclusion).

One other thing about coast to coast is that it has a more grainy PS2ish look to it. On the Outrun 2 tracks it's not so apparent but on the Outrun 2 SP tracks it's very apparent and they look more like tracks designed around the PS2. Now don't get my wrong, the SP tracks look nice and the design is actually quite spectacular but it's also balanced by some mediocre as well which is a bit of a shame. One of the more grainy examples would be the "big forest" route on the SP tracks ... that's run is so grainy it nearly gives me a head-ache.

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