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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Nope, you're just thick

How confusing can a media player be?? You select the files you want to play into a play list... you hit play!

Deliplayer, even with it's bugs, remains the best Amiga module player for Windows AND the highest quality MPEG decoder. The audio output quality of deliplayer (which is what it's all about isnt it?) is second to non!
What are you smoking?

Open your window when you solder stuff. Dont inhale the fumes you know.

Calling Deliplayer best sound quality on Windows? Hate to break it but the quality of mod playing on Windows Deliplayer was not exactly good. Sounded much better on a real Amiga. Ok so it handled modules better than Winamp but it was still not that good IMHO.

There is NO way you can make me believe Deliplayer on the PC had the best MP3 sound quality, claiming Deliplayer had the best audio quality (even with or without sources to back that claim up) is totally nuts!

The UI was confusing, ok so you could skin it. But it was CLEAR that the programmers came from the Amiga and followed cowboy UI programming when designing the user interface. I can fully understand that you find the user interface great, then again there are some people who claim that TWM is all you need for a Window manager
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