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Ok folks i finally managed to install and enable savegame in Wing Commander for the CD32 in my A1200.
Tested in OS 3.9 in A1200 and WinUAE, but it should run under WB 3.x too.

Now, how to install: (for dummies, with me included)

Copy all of the contents of Wingco dir inside your floppy disks into your HD.
If you are too lazy just click below...

The link above already contains the WCpatch, just download and Unlha to your HD. (Makes savegame possible) (Dont need to download this if you already downloaded from the link)

Now that you already have wing commander cd32 disks copied inside your HD just just create a directory by the name of "WC32_savegames" inside your...
...Wingco (If you copied from the disks) and then follow to ***
...WC32 (If you copied from the link) and to **

*** Just unlha Wcpatch and copy the wcpatch tool and sources dir into the root of your Wing Commander´s Dir (wingco, just like above)

**Now just download/install the nvtools, just unlha it directly into your LIB´s dir in your system disk and forget about it!

Assuming you already created the WC32_savegames dir and installed the NVtools, just open the shell window, and type the following command from inside wingco or wc32 dir:
Now, type the following exactly as below:
WC32_savegames >envarc:sys/nv_location
Restart your miggy , open the shell window to the root of your wing commander dir and just type the following:

Extra Notes:

Wing Commander Key Map

Action Button Joy Button1
Afterburner Tab
Fire guns Space
Fire missile Enter
Accelerate +
Decelerate -
Full stop Backspace
Look left F2
Look right F3
Look forward F1
Look behind F4
Chase view F5
Battle view F6
Tactical view F7
Missile view F8
Tail view F9
Cycle weapons W
Cycle guns G
Cycle targets T
Lock target L
Damage HUD D
Autopilot A
Comms select C
Nav Map N
Eject Ctrl-E


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