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Post Some more info...

I really would love to upload these previews in The Zone, but first I need to convert them from Amiga to PC at my parent's house. Since my Amiga is put to rest in the attic I am afraid this is not possible on the short term. However, I could provide you some information about these previews:
The Curse of Enchantia-beta I own does not have a title-tune. Also, the game will crash once you are past the underwater part -I don't know whether this is caused by a faulty disc.
I discovered only a couple of days ago my crack of Putty on the original Amiga might be a preview. The Putty I downloaded from EAB featured a title-tune that definitely cannot be heard in my 'original' Putty. The game itself is exactly the same as far I can see.
Finally there is Lionheart which really is a beta. I got hold of this game in January 1993 from a bloke who had provided me more Thalion-games before (I always wondered whether he was a playtester for Thalion). In the game's options-screen one can choose the game's intro but when playing it, the outro and game-credits are displayed. Also, you can skip to any level by pressing the 'F1' to 'F7' keys. The last level(?) where the hero rides a dragon is even unfinished in this beta. It features no baddies and it keeps scrolling for eternity.

About the Turrican 3 crack: I have overwritten my Turrican 3 preview with a crack of the final-version -well, it was the final version so I have been told. I think it was cracked and trained by Paranoima and it has the same cracktro as used with Disposable Heroes; i.e. a chip-tune, blue and dark-red horizontal bars, little white fonts.
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