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There is no future for any new amiga unless it uses todays cheaper pc mainboards and parts. A new amiga x86 wiith the os 32 and 64bit. In doing so will be easy to maintain update to new specifications. While attracting many new amiga users to the new os.

A new amiga os running on todays pc intels, amds so on. Then the amiga has a future like it always had a future. Just its users taht have resisted tousing todays technology with a new amiga os. Technology btw that we all use now with windows and other os's daily.

Amiga os4.1
Q. Can it be ported to run on 32 and 64 bit x86 platform ?
Q. Would you be prepared to do this ?

Yes, then please make it happen asap, and release it to the amiga community and the world. Get the sales and let the amiga take off once again. For years i have waited for this to happen. I've waited to long for this to happen, from when the amiga first went bust years ago.

We all know microsoft has probably no future in the windows os. Or you should know of this fact know by now. Drm has ruined its chances, and vista is a big disaster, heck even William has left.

So with a big hole opening in the future os market can the amiga os fit in there. Do the amiga os team realise the potential in sales for an amiga os in the x86bit market. It alsways did have a future there, but are you ready to take it there for us all to use and enjoy.
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