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Hooooo Mystery of Chuck2

I too have the Chuck Rock2 preview on my original Amiga. Another remarkable point of this preview is the fact you cannot complete a level. Once little Chuck has made it to the far right of a level or has defeated the end-of-level boss, the game will not load any further. The only way to solve this problem is pressing the 'F2'-key to skip this very level.
I remember I got this game on one of the many Amiga copy-parties. The strange thing is in April/ May 1993 the game was reviewed in every magazine available, so when I copied Chuck2, I was under the assumption this was the full-price version. It certainly wasn't. -Afterwards it still was very difficult to get hold of the final version.

In the '92-'93 period I copied by accident many betas of games: Lionheart, Curse of Enchantia, Putty to name but a few. -and I still own these betas.
This reminds me about the story of the Turrican 3 beta-version: This preview looks exactly like the final version except for the fact the main sprite often could get stuck in the wall and the last world was missing. Factor Five hired some beta-testers to playtest the game and one of them, a German guy I regularly met at the copyparty, provided me this beta. -I was over the moon with it.
I think mainly beta-testers are to blame for spreading previews of unfinished games.
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