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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
What games do you have for SNES and what games do you need cart for?
Some aren't in the original carts due to swapping for use, but here is my list:

Zelda - Link To The Past - NTSC (US)
Donkey Kong Country - PAL (AU)
Ghoul Patrol - PAL (AU)
Super Mario World - PAL (AU)
All 3 entire Ranma 1/2 Series - NTSC (JPN)
Zero R Champ - NTSC (JPN)
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts - NTSC (US)
Bubsy - PAL (AU)
Mortal Kombat - NTSC (US)
Zombies Ate My Neighbours - NTSC (US)
Clay Fighter - PAL & NTSC (AU/US)
Super Pinball - Behind The Mask - NTSC (US)
Crash Dummies - NTSC (JPN)
Super Mario AllStars - PAL (AU)
Robocop Vs Terminator - NTSC (JPN)
Super Bomber Man - NTSC (JPN)
Ren & Stimpy Time Warp - PAL (AU)
Radical Psycho Machine Racing - NTSC (JPN)
Frogger - NTSC (US)
Space Invaders - NTSC (JPN)
Super Mario RPG - NTSC (JPN)
Mario & Wario - NTSC (JPN)
Super Mario Kart - NTSC (JPN)
Yoshi's Island - PAL (AU)
Pitfall - NTSC (JPN)
Aero The Acro-bat - PAL (AU)
Drift King 2 - NTSC (JPN)
Sonic Blast Man - NTSC (JPN)
F1 Grand Prix - NTSC (JPN)
Super Kyosaba Kaze No Silpheed - NTSC (JPN)
Bubsy 2 - NTSC (US)
Super Ninja Boy - Chinese World - NTSC (JPN)

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