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Originally Posted by TheCorfiot View Post
HI James,

I have had most CD32 titles running with KS3.0 & the Squirrell Scsi plugged into one of my A1200's. The Squirrell CD32 emulator is much better than the IDEFix one

See this thread mate

you read stupids things in any old thread and you think that it's true
this is like you hear or read that somebody saw ghosts and ufos and you believe that
the best cd32 emulator is idefix emulator...any expert cd32 gamer can confirm this
tons of games fails on surf squirrel emulator...there's a list there on the disk...but I can make a biggest one

Originally Posted by rkauer View Post
I never be able to use the IDEfix CD32 emulator in any original game I have here!

Tested with the squirrel version and guess what? It works!
another stupid and misinform post
you are inexperienced about cd32 emulation I see

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