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It should be fine, KG.

I'm using a four-way adapter with XP and at the moment, the XBCD drivers. In my experience, everything is simply detected as the standard HID-compliant device and a simple copying of the files is certainly all that I did when I did a softmod, a couple or so years ago.

Oh, and a few months ago, I tried re-doing things with the 'Classics' Splinter Cell that I'd always owned (as I may want to return to PAL interlaced for the few games that don't work after the mod). It worked just fine. Originally, my brother had brought his full-priced Splinter Cell here and I had used that, given that all guides said that it was the only way. Just a few months ago, I saw a few forum posts that said the original release wasn't necessary. I can't confirm that all was well the second time because I'd already performed the mod, but I ran through the whole process again and it did do everything okay with this Classics disc.
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