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Originally Posted by Macca View Post
You're forgetting the solder less modes so no need for a soldering iron. Just a steady hand.

Soft Moding is a nice idea. But you do need to buy an original game, have a pc, etc. to do it so it's probably more cost effective for people who don't have all of this kit before hand to use a hard mod.
I got required game and memory unit for 5 bucks. (1.99 for game and 2.99 for 2 memory units)

Also got xbox controller for 10 bucks to make USB connector for x-box and to create USB xbox controller. First one I will use to play amiga games with mouse (worked great with syndicate) and second one as good gamepad for PC with rumble support. (they cost ~40 bucks here)

I also got new HD (even if you do hard mode you might decide to replace original disk) for 45 bucks (320 WD HD @ Circuit City)

So 15 bucks for softmod and 45 bucks to replace HD. Isn't that price of chip only??

ps. All three mentioned games are in range of $1.99-$2.99 here.

ps2. All prices are in US dollars.
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