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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
You are leaving out the 100+ you spent on a hard mod, soldering iron + solder + braid, multimeter etc.

And you are leaving out the 20 minutes removing all the screws and the motherboard, 10 minutes soldering, another 10 minutes screwing everything back together... followed by 30 minutes to fix something when you first power it on and the box fragged with red/yellow flashing LED.

If you wanted a "retail to non-retail hard drive" race... a softmod would win hands down.

Hard mods were cool... in the old days but on the X-box platform they are obsolete and strictly for old timers
You're forgetting the solder less modes so no need for a soldering iron. Just a steady hand.

Soft Moding is a nice idea. But you do need to buy an original game, have a pc, etc. to do it so it's probably more cost effective for people who don't have all of this kit before hand to use a hard mod.

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