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Originally Posted by davideo View Post
There are several people doing this sort of thing and most of them have a disclaimer on the page for Ebay stating that all these games are in the public domain and as such can be sold in this way
Well, I've decided to report him for selling the unofficial comps anyway (Turican, Shadow Of The Beast, etc). Hopefully he'll wise-up and remove the rest of his dodgy software too. People might think I'm a arse for doing this, but I search eBay daily for CD32 stuff and am getting pissed off with all his pirated wares filling my browser.

His disclaimer states that he sells original CD games in a generic DVD case. Yeah right! Highly unlikely, considering that these CD compilations never 'officially' existed in a licenced form!

If people want to try selling stuff like that, then they should clearly specify that they are home-made compilations, and never sell them for more than cost price IMO. I just worry about all the n00bz getting ripped off by this bastard... £6 +P&P for a CDR that he probably downloaded from the web or compiled himself in a few hours max?!
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