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Originally Posted by Heavy Stylus View Post
Lookie here:

Anyone know who this guy is? Selling 'original Amiga CD-Roms' of games such as 'The Turrican Trilogy CD'. Hmmm. Basically these are copies and unofficial self-made compilations aren't they? Selling them for £5-8 quid is *just* a bit of a pisstake isn't it? Is it worth reporting him to eBay for selling counterfeit software?
I can't look at Ebay while at work - more's the pity because I have missed out on some bargains in the past

There are several people doing this sort of thing and most of them have a disclaimer on the page for Ebay stating that all these games are in the public domain and as such can be sold in this way

This does not only apply to Miggy games though - it applys to most stuff on fleabay

I guess it's up to us to only buy originals, only sell originals and not touch any other stuff!!!

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