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Unofficial CD32 Ports

Hi there,

I've recently become the owner of a CD32 (for the second time - I used to have one back in the 90's) and have began creating single-game unofficial CD32 ports of my favorite Amiga disk-based games. Whilst doing so I've discovered various caches of unofficial CD32 ports around the web - but there doesn't seem to be a one-stop-shop for these anywhere, or indeed any sort of standard image (ISO/CUE-BIN/CCD/RAW/NRG, etc.)

I'm considering starting an online list of unofficial ports, complete with system requirements (i.e. whether or not the port works on an out-of-the-box CD32 or requires extra RAM, keyboard, mouse, etc.), complete with CD Jewelcase artwork and *tested* ISO's for download with burning instructions/recommendations for n00bs.

Question is, would anyone be interested in such a resource? I'm aware that those 200/350/444/888 compilations are available (and are superb IMO), but sometimes it's nice to have auto-booting single-game disks with their own case artwork (especially for personal favourites).

Also, what happened to the online archive of custom/unofficial CD32 covers? I can't find it anywhere...
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