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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Anybody else who liked ST: Voyager? No I don't mean only because of seven-of-nine I somehow liked the atmosphere of being far away from known civilization (even if it was a bit weak in most of the episodes).
Best thing about Voyager aside from 7 was there were plenty of Borg episodes.

Originally Posted by MazinKaesar View Post
I liked it very much!!!! My personal favorite ST series in facts are:

1) Star Trek Voyager
2) Star Trek DS9
3) Star Trek Enterprise
4) Star Trek TNG

I have no included the Original Series (+ Animated) because it's something different as it was made in another age.
Once the Dominion were introduced into DS9, it definitely got a lot more interesting. In no other Trek series or movie did we ever get to see battles on the scale of those shown on DS9. Some of work was almost cinematic in quality. Too bad it was before HD.

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