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I find this beta version terrible.

It sounds to me like it doesn't play all channels properly, and Nine Fingers sounds shit, some of the instuments are missing.

0.8.21r3 plays it fine though. But I do have a VIA motherboard (A-Bit KR7A) and a Sound Blaster Audigy which might be causing the problem.

And on the subject of Big Time Sensuality, well you must need one HELL of a system to emulate that properly, my XP1800+ can't do it.

And another thing I've noticed, if you get behind with the sound buffer it really f*cks up the sound until you press F12 and let it catch up with itself.

In my opinion this release makes things worse, but hey, I have the sound buffer set to 1 anyway without any problems with the other releases so I guess it's not really aimed at me.
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