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You sure like to be right don't you Alex

I disagree with what you're saying as i think it misses the point as to what people want to experience from an emulator

In fact there really isn't anything to argue about here, PC can do a whole lot more than an xbox ever could but the ease at which you can hook an xbox up to an old tv and enjoy the games much more like how they used to feel is something lost on pc.That's just a fact.No the xbox to tv setup isn't entirely perfect but it's more so than what you get from a monitor.

If all i had was a pc to run these games then that would be fine too but part of the nostalgic joy is having a closer representation - that is to say the displays in this case need to be old tv crt

Same too with Arcades games as while Mame does incredible things, it's a much better experience if it's all housed in an arcade cabinet as well like lots do already.True that still doesn't get you 100% of the experience you got from your fave game back then as there is more to it but it does go a long way to making it feel closer to how you remember.An arcade x stick in front of a pc is nice(i had one a fews years back)but it really doesn't in any way work like how you would like regarding that old feel and it's the same for how we use these emulators.

You certainly have an abrubt manner about you i'll say that though it's me really that should be saying whatever

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