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The fact is though this stuff looks better (and by better i mean more authentic)on an older crt tv

Most people played these older systems on their 14 or 21 crt's and that is just something you cannot recreate on pc regardless of filters etc - an old tv and xbox emulation is just better if you want that same effect

No ammount of tech is going to get any closer really to emulating that all important old tv look and a more fuller re-creation of some of these older machines is only ever going to be possible when hooked up to the display it was on ie crt tv.PC strips a lot of that joyous nostalgia because of it's superior dispay.

Always hook it up to the tv i guess but if you're using monitors of any type for emulating the older machines then yuck

And the truth is Alex nobody is going to notice half the stuff you mention if what they see on the screen looks like what they remember, and it does much more so than it ever does on a pc display

My PC monitor is a big fat crt.

Are they phasing crt monitors out completely

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