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Xbox Emu is better than PC for most of it unless you're talking about the bigger stuff - PC's are fantastic for the wealth great emu's but it just feels like you're not playing an old system rather a pc emu, and that isn't what any of us surely want.

The UI for most of these(Xports) are very customizable (bgm mp3 ,picture choice for main menu and games select etc and font colour and size choice) and is a doddle once you get used to them.

The real beauty for most of the 8bits and Amiga EMU is that it runs as it would do on a standard crt tv ie perfect scrolling, none of this lcd or plasma blur rubbish

Iv'e always had a problem with pc's when it comes to emulation as the whole experience feels disconnected half the time - it's a real joy seeing your snes game running on that crt and looking identical

For more powerful Emu like Mame i would choose PC ( even though the stuff you likely care about from those wonderfull arcade years works beautifully on xbox) but for C64, Speccy,snes,Megadrve,PC-Engine Xbox is so much more how an emulation experience should feel.C64 as an example on pc really does demonstrate how quite unlike playing an old machine feels - it's so much fuss getting sound and scrolling as they should be from say a 2000 cpu and there is absolutely none of this with xbox.

Winuaex is very good on Xbox also and i use it a lot but Winuae for PC offers just as much and more of course in terms of how much faster you can make it run and the continual updates.

Xbox emulation rules though and is the very reason i have 6 of them all modded

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