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Originally Posted by Unknown_K View Post
Where is a good place to find hardmods these days for the NTSC XBOX consoles?
After my n00b experience with soft modding, I would never try hard modding xbox. For the first one took me ~5 minutes and to place bigger HD and install from scratch took me less then an hour.

I formatted F drive, and copied some music and pictures, added sources in XBMC and it worked fine. Only problems I had is that some music files didn't copy with FTP. (I will check tonight all of those files)

One thing that I was wondering is if I can make picture to open directly directory that I selected for pictures. ATM it will open all sources I selected, but is there a way to go directly into source. (same for music and videos)

Then I installed newer versions for emulators and tried some of the games. I have to say that I am very surprised at how good they are. (Sorry DC, but XBox is a way to go )

One thing that I noticed with some games (Donkey Kong Country for example) is that game auto-rewind if I lose life. (my daughter was 'helping' me, so that was quite often ) Is there an option to turn this feature off? (I couldn't find it last night, after brief look)

I also tried WinUAEX and it really works great. I tried Syndicate and I was surprised that my mouse worked with USB hack. So now I need cordeless mouse and keyboard.

Thank you guys for links for emulators. (great work there Retroplay) I will download and try most of them.

I still have to try to copy games to HD.

Ahh, one more thing. Is there good browser and email reader for XBMC? (gmail more importantly )

Thank you all for help. Hope this topic will help others who are interested to make their xbox alive and more useful.
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