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It lives!!

Workbench 3.0 & 3.0 roms.

Took her apart and found the insides to be wet but spotless (Paul_s would be envious of the RF shield )

It fired up ok with lots of noise . I thought Concorde has been recommissioned!!
The workbench was possibly German and I couldn't understand it. Nevermind as there was nothing of any interest on it anyway.
The floppy works fine.
The Blizzard card works and reports 100% gain over a standard 1200 .

So a great afternoon upgrading with..

3.1 roms
4gb CF harddrive
1200 harddrive caddy
new trapdoor cover

The only problem I have encountered so far is the keyboard (see picture) as it appears to be German?
New install of WB3.1 with GB locale still won't let some keys work.
I've stuck an old keyboard in to test and this works fine.
Any advice welcome.

Thanks for the comments guys. I'm not usually the lucky type, but this find has made my day.

BTW.. LOL@ Magno Flukes - and thanks for the offer Zetr0

Attachment 17392
Concorde harddrive

Attachment 17393
HD contents were poor

Attachment 17394
Current set-up

Attachment 17395
Foreign keyboard

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