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Nice to know I was of some help. But you're a very acomplished user and I was more inspiration rather than direct help.

XBoxpartitioner v1.1 is in the zone.

Surprised you didnt try WinUAE-X first :)

Surreal is a good emulator too (N64) as is ZSneX, MAMEoX, KAWA-X and if you are a Zelda fan like me... you'll want to play Link's Awakening, Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of the Ages and the Minish Cap on XboyAdvance.

WRT your F: and G: partitions, the standard Krayzie installer will use a 67 BIOS meaning it has both partitions 6 (F:) and 7(G:). You'll get a G: drive which is bigger than 0 bytes if your hard drive is bigger than 140Gbytes. (8 Gig on C: E: etc and upto 137Gig on F:)

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