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Playstation games at the grocery store?

I was doing my grocery shopping today at Cub Foods and I saw a ton of Playstation games for $12.99 including Speedball 2100. PSX (Playstation & PS2) is a strong brand with a strong company (Sony). I see PSX games for sale everywhere I go even 7-11! I think M$ bit off more than they can chew. Over 150 Million Playstations have been sold worldwide and people don't want to loose thier software collection. PS2 runs both PS2 games & PSX games. M$ is up against the standard in consoles, the most successful console brand ever and there is a nice runner up Gamecube. The Gamecube has some cool games and those cute mini cds. It is sad that Dreamcast died but Gamecube is a good replacement and even has four joystick hookups in the front like Dreamcast. M$ can't even beat Palm how will they win against Sony? There is no room for 3 consoles in the console wars X-Box will loose.

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