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Originally posted by blackcornflake
And all I am saying is (deep breath) No! It! Does! Not! Already!

Sorry Mods, I lied about my next post being about games. But this tete-a-tete is between me and a Super Moderator, so it must be OK.

Super Moderator. Nice title, dude!
A. How many different ways do I have to spell out to you that I was speaking my opinion? Take as many deep breaths as you need to conceive this. If you disagree, fine.

B. What's up with all the Super Moderator stuff? I have tasks I perform here. Hence my title, which represents the level of access I have for these duties. Nothing more. The On/Off Topic is up to interpretation, as I was merely paralleling the changing tides in the entertainment (film, TV, music) industry with games and how they are similar.

It's getting to the point where every time I express an opinion here, somebody has to engage in an arguement with me about it. Frankly, I haven't the time for this nonsense. If it will keep peace, I will merely respond to adf requests in the future as I would hate for EAB to become another flame board.
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