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I didn't read all responses, but if you have one of the 3 games that are used in the exploit, and an adapter to use USB flash drives on the XBOX (it converts it to memory card) then it's dirt easy.

I run XBMC as the frontend and it plays pretty much any audio/video format, upscales DVD's to HD (1080) and lets you play internet radio, picture slideshows, etc. It's really great.

Plus you can get most emulators running pretty easy.

I've never upgraded my hard drive, so the box was never opened. I don't use it to copy games, only XBMC and emulation and all of those work with Samba networking (Windows file sharing), so you don't really need local storage. I had a friend who changed the drive and it and it looked like a huge pain in the ass with locking/unlocking the drive (you had to enter long hex codes and double check your typing).
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