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Originally posted by blackcornflake
And all I am saying is (deep breath) No! It! Does! Not! Already!
Off T: I understand what you are saying and yes I respect that. When I call something "so-called" it usually is because of the media machine behind it hyping said product ad-nauseum. You and perhaps billions of others would call it popular, because of sheer numbers. That's because this machine has force fed the herds and that is what seems to be expected. Well, I do like some things the media machine shoves down our collective throuts, so I guess in some ways that also puts me into the popular, et. al., category too

But this having been said, I mostly was poking fun at the whole media hype machine to begin with

On T: I agree there will not be another commercial disk based game, except perhaps PD/Shareware. I can possibly see something on CD however. But since there are some great CD32 titles, why not play these instead? Well you probably have already and there are only so many. So that brings us back to where we started in this thread.

I believe that the Amiga Classic, as we all know and love so much, will only exist with the remaining real machines still functioning. There maybe something like the Amiga One, but only time will tell as I still have my doubts that it will be released I would love to be mistaken on this point however
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